First Visit

The first time you visit our office, you will receive a "new patient" evaluation. We will review your medical and dental history, take some pictures and administer X-rays, if needed. Dr. Lane will check your facial symmetry, profile, smile, TMJ or jaw joints, your teeth and bite and your X-rays. After this evaluation, Dr. Lane will discuss his findings and areas of concern with you. He will recommend one of four options.

The first possible option is that no treatment is needed. Dr. Lane will recommend no treatment for patients that have a good bite, a nice profile with the jaws aligned, healthy teeth and gums and good jaw joints.

The second possible recommendation is that treatment will be needed, but that it is too early to start. This recommendation is most common for young patients for whom significant future growth/change of the teeth and jaws is expected. In this case, Dr. Lane will recommend a recheck, usually in four months.

A third possibility is that early (limited) Phase I treatment is needed. This treatment is usually prescribed for younger children and involves limited braces and growth appliances for 12 to 18 months. The purpose of this course of treatment is to take care of easily correctable tooth and jaw problems at an early age.

The fourth possible recommendation is full orthodontic treatment, or Phase II treatment. Alone, Phase II usually requires 12 to 18 months of full braces on all the permanent teeth and other appliances (such as a retainer) to completely correct and retain the bite. If full orthodontic treatment (Phase I and II) is necessary, it shouldn't usually take longer than 24 months.